Entertaining Outdoors in Style

There's nothing quite like soaking up the sunshine with great food and even better company. Entertain outdoors in style this Summer with our range of outdoor dining and homewares. 

Outdoor Dining
There’s nothing quite like soaking up the sunshine with a cold drink, delicious food, and great company over the summer. 

Lift your outdoor dining and entertaining game with our range of dinnerware, servingware, drinkware, cushions, chair pads and napery.

Outdoor Dinnerware

Outdoor Dining Set

Shop the look (left): Marmaris Melamine Dining, Ezra Drinkware, Merrick Placemat, Milano Tablecloth
Shop the look (right):
Bamboo Dining, Milano Tablecloth, Pebble Reversible Placemat

Perfect for kids, clumsy adults, or just as a lightweight and versatile option, our melamine and bamboo dining ranges are ideal for dining outdoors. Available in an array of stunning patterns, colours and designs, melamine dinnerware is highly durable and safe to use anywhere. Our bamboo servingware range is also highly durable, while adding a sophisticated yet warm touch to any table setting, indoors or outdoors.

Outdoor Drinkware

Outdoor Drinkware

Shop the look (left): Bamboo Dining, Ezra Drinkware, Merrick Placemat, Milano Tablecloth
Shop the look (right):
Fancy Florette Napery, Constantia Tablecloth, Flounder Ribbed Urn, Archer Drinkware, Arizona Dining, Indi Dining

Take your outdoor setting to a whole new level with beautiful drinkware. Ranging from durable acrylic to stunning glass, a thoughtfully selected pitcher or jug set with coordinating glasses can act as a statement piece, add flair to your setting, or tie together the rest of your table.

Outdoor Cushions and Chair Pads

Outdoor Cushions

Shop the look (left): Panama Outdoor Cushions, Archer Ribbed Round Planter, Earl Ribbed Planter
Shop the look (right):
St Tropez Chair Pad

Adding cushions and chair pads to your outdoor setting is the perfect way to introduce a touch of personality and style while making the space comfy and welcoming. Our outdoor cushions are made from UV fade and water-resistant fabric, ensuring they last outdoors no matter the weather conditions. They are also available in a range of colours and patterns, so you can mix and match to suit any space and any taste.

Napery and Placemats

Outdoor Entertaining

Shop the look (left): Fancy Florette Napery, Constantia Napery, Indi Dining
Shop the look (right):
St Tropez Chair Pad, Milano Napery, Mabel Melamine Dining, Fresco Drinkware, Milos Placemat

Introducing a stunning tablecloth and coordinating napkins and placemats to your outdoor table setting can create a more luxe, comfortable feel, ideal for special occasions or everyday dining. Soft linen in bright summery colours or beautiful botanical patterns bring a relaxed elegance, perfect for entertaining in style.

Finishing Touches - Styling your Outdoor Table

Outdoor Table Setting

Shop the look (left): Double Ring Vase, Marmaris Melamine Dining, Bamboo Dining, Ezra Drinkware, Merrick Placemat, Milano Tablecloth
Shop the look (right):
Panama Outdoor Cushion, Milano Tablecloth, Grampians Melamine Dining, St Tropez Chair Pad, Fancy Florette Napery, Amarillo Spot Vase

If you’re looking to make your outdoor table setting feel that little bit more special, adding a centrepiece as a finishing touch can tie together the look beautifully. A tall vase with native botanical blooms works to embrace the outdoors and connect the table to its surroundings. It also adds an extra decorative touch, making the table setting look complete and cohesive.

Other Backyard and Picnic Essentials

Outdoor Items

Shop the look (left): Cockies Beach Towel, Tallows Beach Towel, Fiesta Beach Towel
Shop the look (right):
Panama Beach Picnic Blanket, Panama Outdoor Cushion, Archer Drinkware

Shop our outdoor range of furniture, toys, games, picnic essentials, beach towels and coolers to have all outdoor entertaining bases covered.


­Entertain in style and brighten up your outdoor space this summer. Discover the complete outdoor range online or in store.

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