Choosing Your Towels: The Ultimate Guide

Find the right towel for your bathroom and learn the benefits of each. From cotton to bamboo, discover our core range of bath towels and pick the perfect option for you.

Bath TowelsBath Towels

The perfect bath towel for you will ultimately come down to your personal preferences surrounding texture, feel, and style. However, different fabric compositions have different advantages. To help you find a towel to match your daily routine, we’ve broken down our core range by weight and fabric, listing the main benefits of each.

Bath TowelsBath Towels

What is GSM?

GSM stands for ‘grams per square meter’ and is the unit of measurement for a towel's weight and density. Generally, the higher the GSM, the thicker, plusher, and more absorbent the towel. Lower GSM towels are lighter in weight and tend to dry faster than high GSM towels.

Cotton Bath Towels

Perfect for Everyday

Naturally soft and absorbent, cotton is the perfect fibre for making soft, durable, and absorbent bath towels.

Our towels are made from combed cotton, which simply means that the fibres are combed to remove any shorter fibres. This process leaves behind the longest and strongest fibres which are then spun into yarn and woven into a more durable and absorbent towel, less susceptible to linting.

Cotton towels are also easy to care for and perfect for everyday use. They provide high absorbency and softness while being available in a wide variety of colours, styles, and weaves.

Boston Bath Towels

580gsm, Combed Cotton, Double Yarn, Ribbed Pile

The classic rib texture and borderless design of our Boston towels will add a clean, simple style to your bathroom. These towels are woven from combed cotton using double yarn loops, which gives fullness and an even texture to the pile.

Available in a wide range of colours and sizes, our Boston range is an everyday favourite.

Boston Bath TowelBoston Bath Towel
Wythe Waffle Bath TowelWythe Waffle Bath Towel

Wythe Bath Towels

580gsm, Combed Cotton, Double Yarn Looped Pile

Our Wythe towels feature a contemporary classic woven waffle texture adding timeless style to your bathroom. Made from pure combed cotton using a double yarn construction, allowing for greater absorbency and less shedding due to the even twisting of the yarn.

Perfect for those who want texture and timeless style, these towels are available in a waffle style with a smooth border, or in an even pile surface with a waffle border for a hint of texture. Mix and match both styles for an individual and versatile look.

Kinsley Bath Towels

580gsm, Combed Cotton, Double Yarn

Featuring a stylish contemporary pattern, our Kinsley towels will add a touch of texture to your bathroom. Made with a double yarn construction to give fullness to the pile, these towels are absorbent and will maintain their appearance after washing and tumble drying.

With its textured pattern and smooth border detail, Kinsley is available in a range of colours to suit any bathroom.

Kinsley Bath TowelKinsley Bath Towel
Devon Bath TowelDevon Bath Towel

Devon Bath Towels

580gsm, Combed Cotton, Low Twist

Our Devon towels are constructed using a special spinning technique and woven using a combination of Egyptian cotton and combed cotton yarns. The Egyptian cotton provides softness and less lint to the pile, while the special open loop spinning technique adds to the high loft and soft handle. As a result, this towel will retain its softness and texture after washing.

These towels feature a modern, geometric pattern, produced by weaving an alternating drop pile and high pile for a defined textural look.

Bamboo Bath Towels

Silk-Like Softness

Innovatively transformed into a luxurious yarn, bamboo is fast becoming a regular fibre in towel production. Our Bamboo towel range has been crafted using a luxurious blend of natural cotton and bamboo.

Renowned for its silk-like softness and beautiful lustre, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and mould resistant, offering moisture wicking and hypoallergenic properties. Our Bamboo towels perfectly maintain their silk-like softness after washing and tumble drying.

Great for those who love premium luxury at an affordable price, our bamboo towels can be enjoyed by allergy sufferers and families alike.

Bamboo Cotton Towels

600gsm, 60% Cotton, 40% Bamboo, Single Yarn

Made from a blend of combed cotton and bamboo yarns, our Bamboo towel has a beautiful texture and lustre. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, while also offering superior absorbency, making this range ideal for any family home.

The finished pile has a silk-like feel and is incredibly soft and absorbent. Available in a range of colours and sizes, including a bath towel, bath sheet, hand towel, and face washer.

Bamboo Bath TowelBamboo Bath Towel

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

The Ultimate Indulgence

Considered to be of superior quality, Egyptian cotton is known for its excellent lustre, durability, absorbency, and luxurious softness.

Our range of certified Egyptian Cotton towels are made from the finest, long-staple Giza 86 Egyptian cotton (the highest-grade cotton produced in Egypt). Giza 86 Egyptian cotton is a specific form of Egyptian Cotton which is grown close to the Nile River, giving the cotton special characteristics due to the unique climatic and nutrient-rich environment.

This yarn is expertly woven to produce a towel with a longer, plusher pile and greater weight component per square metre. All Giza cotton is hand-picked which helps keep the cotton cleaner and results in a longer and stronger fibre.

When these factors are combined, the result is a fabulous towel offering longevity, high absorbance, superior performance, and a luxuriously plush feel.

Egyptian Indulgence Bath TowelEgyptian Indulgence Bath Towel

Egyptian Indulgence Bath Towels

630gsm, Certified Egyptian Cotton, Single Yarn High Looped Pile 

Woven using the finest grade Egyptian Cotton pile, our Egyptian Indulgence towels are luxurious, soft, and highly absorbent. Both luxurious and practical, these towels are finished a classic border and available in a range of colours to complement any bathroom style.

Egyptian Bliss Bath Towels

550gsm, Certified Egyptian Cotton, Low Twist

Our Egyptian Bliss bath towel is woven using the finest grade Giza 86 Egyptian Cotton in an open low-twist yarn. This results in a more luxurious, soft, and highly absorbent towel. Known for its lustre, durability & absorbency, this towel is the lightest option in our Egyptian cotton range.

Egyptian Bliss Bath TowelEgyptian Bliss Bath Towel
Egyptian Luxury Bath TowelEgyptian Luxury Bath Towel

Egyptian Luxury Bath Towels

650gsm, Certified Egyptian Cotton, Single Yarn High Looped Pile

Woven from the finest certified Giza 86 Egyptian Cotton pile, our Egyptian luxury towels are luxuriously soft and highly absorbent. Giza 86 Egyptian cotton is the highest-grade Egyptian Cotton used in towel production. Spun into the finest quality yarn; it offers the highest level of fibre strength, length, and uniformity. This is our highest GSM towel, making it perfect for those looking for a wonderfully thick and plush option.

Towels for Bathroom Styling

The towels above make up our core range, available all year round. In addition to these, seasonal towels are released each year and are available for a limited time only. These towels are available in a wide variety of patterns, prints, colours, and weaves, allowing you to find the perfect option for your bathroom retreat.

Towels can add that perfect finishing touch to your bathroom and are easily interchangeable, giving you the freedom to update your style regularly.

Introduce some colour, texture, or pattern, focusing on just one element, or make a statement by combining all three. Our favourite way to inject some personality and change into the bathroom is to refresh the look as the seasons change.

Novelty Bath TowelsNovelty Bath Towels

Care Tips

Once you’ve chosen your towels, you’ll want to keep them performing at their best. Follow our tips below to keep your towels looking and feeling like new:

  • Wash prior to first use
  • Wash whites, colours, and prints separately
  • Avoid fabric softeners, bleach, and products with benzoyl peroxide
  • Tumble dry to keep the pile full, open, and absorbent. Either toss your towels in the dryer straight from the washing machine or while they are still damp
  • To make your towels feel soft and fluffy without a dryer, hold the long edges and flick them sharply 6 or so times. This allows the pile to reopen and releases excess moisture
Bath TowelsBath Towels

Introduce the Perfect Towel to Your Bathroom

Most of our towels come in a bath towel, hand towel, and face washer, with some also being available in a bath mat and bath sheet (an extra-large bath towel).

Shop the range online or in store today to transform your bathroom into your very own oasis.