How to Style Faux Fur at Home

Learn how to style faux fur throws, cushions, and blankets in your home with three simple tips.

Fur Cushions and ThrowsFur Cushions and Throws

When it comes to cosy home décor, one of our favourite winter styling trends this season (and honestly every winter season) is Faux Fur. Specifically, Faux Fur Cushions, Throws and Blankets. Rivalling real fur in its silky softness and gorgeous lustre, our range of Faux Fur is completely animal friendly and wonderfully luxurious.

If you're looking to decorate your home with texture, warmth and a touch of luxe, faux fur is your best friend. However, it can be a little daunting getting your styling right. Here are our top 3 styling tips for styling fur in your home.

Tip 1: Pair with Contrasting Textures

We love layering with faux fur in winter. It adds a feeling of warmth that very few other fabrics can achieve. It also makes us want to bury ourselves in a warm cocoon of furry blankets. However, we generally use some self-control and pair it back. Adding a faux fur throw or faux fur cushion to a bed or couch with contrasting layers and textures will create a balanced look and added depth, keeping your faux fur looking sophisticated and elegant.

Faux FurFaux Fur
Faux FurFaux Fur

Tip 2: Choose Your Colours Wisely

If you’re styling with Faux Fur, it needs to be your leading lady. It’s a statement. It deserves to shine. So, it’s important not to surround it with anything too ‘loud’. Unless you’re going for a maximalist style, fur goes beautifully with soft neutral tones and natural textures. This creates a look of cosy opulence full of rich texture, without crossing into over-the-top territory.

Tip 3: Keep it Simple for a Luxury Feel

Adding faux fur to your bedroom or living room décor will add instant warmth and an inviting feel. However, to create a luxuriously elegant style, it’s important to consider the surrounding textures in your space.

If you have a room that feels cold and lacks textural depth, this is where fur really shines. Simply adding a fur throw blanket or cushion to an otherwise minimalist space can completely transform the overall feel and add some much-needed warmth in the winter months. Alternatively, pairing your faux fur with contrasting textures such as smooth cotton and knitted wool will really make your styling pop in a way that is sophisticated yet luxe, without being overboard.

Faux Fur CollectionFaux Fur Collection
Faux Fur Throws and CushionsFaux Fur Throws and Cushions

Our Range of Faux Fur Blankets, Throws and Cushions

Over the years we at Bed Bath N’ Table have narrowed in on the best thickness, texture, and range of colours to make our faux fur collection as luxurious and decadent as possible. Our Arctic Faux Fur Cushions and Throws replicate the pigmented and varied coloration of real animal coats for an opulent style. Alternatively, our Luxury Faux Fur Throws and Cushions are available in single colour dyes and possess incredible softness.

Warning – you will regularly find yourself stroking your blanket without even realising.

Shop the range online or in-store to take your winter home decor to a whole new level.