The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Bed Sheets

How To Choose Your Perfect Bed Sheets

To help you narrow in on the perfect sheets for you, we’ve pulled together all the information you need about fabric, thread count, cotton weaves, and pattern.

How to Choose your Bed SheetsHow to Choose your Bed Sheets

What is the best fabric for sheets?

The right fabric for sheets ultimately comes down to personal preference. When searching for the best option for you, consider your preferences when it comes to texture, fabric, and temperature.

How do you want your sheets to feel? Are you a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper? Do you want sheets that will keep you cool or warm you up? Is there a particular fabric composition that you find most comfortable? These questions will help point you in the right direction to find the best sheet set for you.

Cotton Bed SheetsCotton Bed Sheets

Cotton Sheets

Breathable & Versatile

The most popular choice for sheets, cotton is breathable, absorbent, and available in a range of weights and weaves. It is also naturally temperature regulating, absorbing heat from your body and drawing it away from the skin. This acts like a natural thermostat, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Cotton is also naturally hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Our cotton sheets are available in a variety of weaves and blends, including cotton percale (square weave), lustrous cotton sateen, brushed cotton, flannelette, linen/cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton/tencel, and bamboo/cotton.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Durable & Luxurious

Egyptian cotton has a premium feel and is more durable than any other cotton variety. Certified by the Cotton Egypt Association, our Egyptian cotton sheets are known for their lustre and drape - providing hotel-luxury right at home. They are also absorbent and breathable, making them a great option for year-round use.

Egypt has the perfect growing conditions for cotton due to its climate and nutrient-rich soil, producing strong, long-staple fibres. This in turn means that finer, more durable textiles can be woven using this cotton variety. 

Egyptian Cotton Bed SheetsEgyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
Bamboo SheetsBamboo Sheets

Bamboo Sheets

Lightweight & Eco-Friendly

Our bamboo sheets, crafted from a combination of cotton and bamboo fibres, offer a wonderfully soft and silky feel. Combining the natural benefits of both fibres, these sheets are smooth, lightweight, and durable. They are also highly breathable and absorbent, helping you keep an even temperature while you sleep.

Bamboo is fast growing and renewable, being a water efficient plant that regenerates rapidly, making it an environmentally friendly resource.

Flannelette Sheets

Soft & Warm

Our cotton flannelette is the perfect companion through cold winter nights. With its soft, cosy touch, our flannelette sheets have been brushed on both sides giving the fabric a lovely softness to keep you snuggly and warm.

The ultimate winter sheets, our flannelette bed linen is available in a range of colours and in-house prints, allowing you to find the perfect option for you.

Flannelette SheetsFlannelette Sheets
Linen Bed SheetsLinen Bed Sheets

Linen Sheets

Long-lasting & Relaxed

Linen is wonderfully textured and breathable. Our linen range is made from natural linen yarn spun from flax plants, grown in regions of France. A fabric that softens over time, linen gives a natural, relaxed look and is perfect for summer.

Combining the benefits of both fabrics, our linen cotton blend sheet sets are perfect for everyday use. Linen gives texture and substance while cotton adds stability and durability, creating a fabric that will soften with age.

Cotton Weaves

A cotton base cloth can be constructed using a number of different weaves, resulting in a variety of different finishes. The way a cotton sheet is woven will determine whether it is light and crisp, silky and smooth, or soft and cosy.

Cotton Percale / Square Weave

Crisp & Cool

Our most common cotton weave, our lightweight cotton percale sheets are woven in a uniform square weave construction. This creates a strong and durable fabric with a smooth, matte finish - a great choice for comfort and longevity.

Cotton Sheet SetCotton Sheet Set
Cotton Sheet SetCotton Sheet Set

Cotton Sateen

Smooth & Lustrous

If you love a silky-smooth feel, opt for cotton sateen sheets. Our sateen cotton sheets, woven with longer threads sitting across the surface of the fabric, are smooth and lustrous with a silk-like finish. This results in a lovely soft drape and a luxurious, smooth feel.

Cotton Flannelette

Snuggly & Warm

If you love a warm and cosy feel, cotton flannelette sheets are for you. Woven from soft spun cotton yarns which are then brushed on both sides, flannelette keeps you snuggly and warm in the coldest of weather.

Flannelette Bed LinenFlannelette Bed Linen

What is a Thread Count?

The thread count of a fabric is determined by the number of threads woven together within a specified area. This consists of the yarns woven both vertically (warp) and horizontally (weft). In Australia we use the metric system, so the thread count reflects the yarns counted within 10cm square.

What Thread Count is Best for Sheets?

It is generally accepted that the higher the thread count the more dense and long-lasting the fabric. However, the quality of the yarn is also an important factor. The finer the yarn, made from longer cotton fibres (staple), coupled with a high thread count results in quality, long-lasting sheets.

Cotton Sheet SetCotton Sheet Set

While higher thread count sheets may be considered more premium due to their drape and density, there are benefits for higher and lower thread count sheets depending on your preferences.

Lower thread count sheets (200 – 300 thread count) are usually lighter and cooler. Medium thread count sheets (300 – 500 thread count) tend to feel soft and smooth. Higher thread count sheets (500 – 1000 thread count and 1200 thread count) usually have a fuller drape and more decadent feel due to the higher density of yarn in the fabric.

Bed SheetsBed Sheets
Milano Linen SheetsMilano Linen Sheets

Sheet Size & Depth

If you have a thicker mattress with extra cushion or a pillow top, you may require extra deep sheets.

Designed to fit queen and king beds with that little bit of extra height, our deep fitted sheets allow you to fit your sheet over your mattress with ease, avoiding that weekly wrestle.

 Our Morgan & Finch sheet sets all have a 37cm or 40cm depth to fit most modern mattresses, but if you need an extra deep sheet, keep a look out for our range of 50cm Extra Deep Queen and Extra Deep King Sheet Sets. Some are sold in sets, and some are sold individually depending on the sheets selected.

Deep Fitted SheetsDeep Fitted Sheets
Pattern Bed SheetsPattern Bed Sheets

Patterned Sheets

Introduce a splash of colour to your bedroom with a patterned sheet set. Pair your chosen sheet set with a solid quilt cover to bring a touch of pattern and interest to your bedroom style or coordinate it with a patterned quilt cover for a complementary look!

Most of our pattered sheet sets are made from a 250 thread count cotton for a lighter and softer drape. Don’t be afraid to get creative and mix or match.

Refresh your bed with the perfect sheets

Now that you know your options, shop the range to find the right sheet set for you.