6 Essential Items To Get You Through Winter

6 Snuggly Essentials You Need This Winter

There's nothing quite like getting warm and snuggly in the chill of winter, and a few cosy items can really make all the difference. We've put together a list of our top 6 winter essentials to keep you feeling all warm and fuzzy, both inside and out.

Winter Comforts

There’s nothing quite like getting warm and snuggly in the chill of winter. Chucking on those cosy flannelette pyjamas. Cuddling up on the couch under a soft knitted blanket, hot water bottle hugged to chest. Shuffling to bed, kicking off those slippers, and wrapping yourself up in a warm, fluffy quilt. 
We don’t know about you, but we think there is a lot to love about winter. Particularly when you’re prepared with a range of snuggly essentials to get you through. 
Here are 6 essential winter items to get you feeling all warm and fuzzy, both inside and out.

1. Flannelette Pyjamas and Slippers

Flannelette Pyjamas and Slippers


Like wearing a big warm cuddle, our flannelette pyjamas are the ultimate comfort item for the winter months, perfect for nights on the couch and lazy Sunday afternoons. Made from 100% cotton that has been brushed on both sides for extra softness, these pyjamas will keep you wonderfully warm while also looking adorable. Available in a range of novelty prints, coordinate with matching slippers for maximum cosiness.

2. Hooded Sherpa Blankets

Hooded Sherpa Blankets


Being snuggled up under a blanket is one of the best things about winter – so why not just wear your blanket around all the time? Enter our Wearable Hooded Sherpa Blankets. Featuring a super soft Sherpa reverse, our wearable Sherpa blankets trap in the heat and keep you cosy and comfy despite the chill outside. Like our flannelette pyjamas, our hooded Sherpas are available in a range of playful prints and patterns to suit any personal style. 

3. Faux Fur Cushions and Throws

Faux Fur Cushions and Throws


Luxuriously soft, faux fur brings winter warmth like no other. Faux fur is decadently thick and plush and can be used to drape elegantly over your couch, make a statement with an eye-catching cushion, or ooze warmth into your bedroom. It doesn’t matter how you use faux fur in the home, it’s sure to keep you snuggly and warm.

4. Hot Water Bottles and Heat Packs

Hot Water Bottle


Undeniably comforting, a hot water bottle or heat pack is the perfect companion for winding down after a long day. They also pair perfectly with a red wine or hot choccy on the couch if you ask us! Alternatively, you can tuck your hot water bottle into bed 10-15 minutes before you jump in for instant snuggly comfort every night. 

5. Flannelette Sheets

Flannelette Sheets


In winter, comfort really matters and there’s nothing quite like snuggling your way into warm flannelette sheets. Our Flannelette Cotton has been brushed on both sides to make it wonderfully soft and keep you extra cosy during the chillier months. Choose a playful print or a chic pattern to suit your home style.

6. Winter Quilts

Winter Quilts


While there are lots of hacks for keeping snug and warm in winter, without having to crank the heater, the item that arguably sits above all else is a great quality quilt. Our Goose Down, Duck Down and Wool Quilts are all perfect for providing extra warmth, particularly if you are a cold sleeper or live in a colder climate. We also recommend sizing up when purchasing a quilt. For example, purchasing a King Size Quilt for a Queen Size Bed. This will provide extra drape and coverage, preventing any unwanted cold air making its way under the covers. It’s also great if your partner is a bit of a blanket hog, ensuring you get your fair share of warmth.